Friday, March 27, 2009


So I just received some very exciting news! As some of you know part of the program I'm in includes an externship. This portion is considered your on site education of how a real kitchen works. I applied to a few places and had a couple of offers, but today I was offered my first choice!- an externship at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop ,Washington! The Lodge is beautiful and the Chef and his staff seem like a great bunch to work with! The work I'll be doing includes plated desserts and lots of baking from scratch! I couldn't be happier! The Lodge is only a few hours from Seattle and a of hours from the Canadian border! Go here to check out where I'll be working!
Besides that school is going great! We're almost finished with cake block and then we are on the last class- Chocolate and sugar work! Its gone by so fast! I'm also excited to say that Chef Michelle is going to let me come to her morning classes the last three weeks of class so I can sharpen my plate up skills and play with some of my recipe ideas! Thanks again to all of you that follow this blog!
I'll end this post with some pics of my latest work in cake block, enjoy! I'M SO EXCITED!