Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cake and more Cake!

Since my last update Cake block has begun! We're now on the third week of class and have already learn so much! We've made cocoa paintings, gum paste, and of course lots of yummy cake! So far cake block is treating me well, my art back ground has definitely come in handy. Its also a big help to be so familiar with the products and mediums we use because of my job. In fact the chef ask for price checks from me on a regular basis! While, I'm enjoying the chance to stretch my creative muscles, I am surprised to find that I miss the go go go pace of plated dessert block! It makes cake block seem like a break!
Other than school, work has been very exciting lately. The local cake club recently hosted a cake show that included all sorts of classes, competitions and vendors to show their stuff. My boss, Jennifer Bartos coordinated the whole thing which meant All In One Bake Shop was head quarters for information and supplies amongst other sponsors. Jennifer even arrange for food network stars Jaquey Phiffier, Nick Lodge, Elisa Strauss, and Brodwen Weber to come down and teach a few classes and judge competitors entries. It was one exciting show and very cool to be able to meet these amazing chefs in person. I was even lucky enough to be awarded another scholarship from the confectioners club to attend the Elisa Strauss Sculpted cake workshop! The Sculpted cake project was one of my favorite savory foods: Sushi! We learn so many tricks and secrets to rolling fondant, painting with food coloring and creating a realistic look in general. We made a sushi board, sushi, chop sticks, a soy sauce dish and shrimp! It was so much fun and Elisa was so down to earth and was such a wonderful teacher. If you would like to see some of her work check out her website at http://www.confetticakes.com/ . She is known around the world for her realistic sculpted cakes, books, and of course her appearances on the food network. I am so lucky to have had the chance to learn from such an accomplished person. Even though I am not currently leaning towards cakes as a concentration in my future career at this point it certainly was an appreciated and fun opportunity to learn. One that I hope I can use in the future!