Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love n' stuff-

Yesterday-Valentines Day has many interpretations. For those of us that our single, the most popular views of this day are one of two things: a painful awareness of their current status or to simply agree with the hallmark marketing conspiracy the use of a Saint's horrible death as a boost in sales in the form of pink and red candies and squishy stuffed animals that have "I love you" written across plump bellies. Then there are those of us that considered a couple that see this day as either a chance to express their appreciation and love to one another or concur with the "hallmark holiday" angle.

What theory do I prescribe to? While the Hallmark crowd has a point, I would have to say this: Valentines day is a day that commemorates the death of a saint that performed marriages in secrecy against a King order forbidding marriages amongst his people until his son would consent to marriage. Saint Valentine risked his life believing God's work to unite those in marriage and therefore love was the higher calling than a Kings command. Love is a reflection of God and what we humans have to keep us going. While romantic love has been the interpretation of this saints work, I believe all forms of love should be celebrated and appreciated year round and enjoy the reminder February 14th brings every year. It is a remarkable choice that many cultures have chosen to recognize this day as one to appreciate the gift and privilege that love is one I think we all secretly enjoy - maybe even need at times. So to say it plain although I am single I neither despise nor ignore Valentines day but appreciate what is and what it can be.

Besides the latest holiday, I have been up to quite a few projects! I've been working on portfolios, going to career fairs, working, seeing old faces,meeting new ones and looking for my next opportunity in the culinary world. For those of you that do not know, my program is drawing to an end very soon. As of May I will begin the final step in my education with an externship. Where this externship will be- I do not know, but I have a few good leads and have begun talking to a few possible employers. There is one opportunity in particular I'm interested in but for now I'm not going to into great detail but ask for you to keep me in your prayers that I have an opportunity that will allow me to grow as a person and as a chef.

School itself has been quite exciting lately, I just finished the first advanced baking technique block known as plated desserts. It was a wonderful challenge to be both efficient and creative and I will miss the rush of the timed tests amongst others things! The next block starts Monday and is what many of us have been anxiously awaiting - Cake Block. Yes, this means the construction of wedding cakes and even some sculpted cake work that you see on the food network from time to time. I look forward to it and letting you know how goes!

May God give you all a week and grace and peace!