Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Custards and Chicago

So, as many of you have probably noticed, life in culinary school has kept me pretty busy! Maybe posting more frequently will be my new years resolution. Anyways, I wanted to post some pics of my most recent block, custards! Custards include many different types of desserts that include dairy and/or egg products for example, ice cream or the upper crust favorite -Creme Brulee. We also made a wonderful layered dessert called a Bavarian which is a chilled gelatin set dessert with a sponge base, fruit gelee and finally a fruit coulis (or sauce). The following are some of my bigger successes:
I also had a wonderful opportunity last month to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with my Friends Travis and Erin in Chicago! It was a great break from the ordinary and to see some of the sights America has to offer. We went down to the lake the day after my arrival , and this ritzy neighborhood full of gingerbread houses. We also went to a local shopping area that was holding a tree lighting ceremony and was handing out free roasted chestnuts (which Erin and I both agree are not the best choice in legumes despite the Christmas songs) and hot chocolate. Some ice sculptors were helping set the holiday mood with there toy soldiers and train sculptors that were forming before the public's eye. The whole scenery could make the grumpiest of people glad that it is now the special time of year.In addition to all this, we ventured down town to check out some of the famous architecture Chicago is known for and went to a German Christmas festival where we dined of bratwurst and other traditional holiday favorites from the Fatherland.

The last two days of my visit we had a chance to try some of the local cuisine-Old Style Chicago red hots (or hot dogs) and of course deep dish pizza! It was a wonderful trip, I got to enjoy good sights, good food, and especially good friends all the things I'm thankful for!
Chicago was such a friendly city it even sent me away with a special parting gift- 6 inches of snow and a 5 hour flight delay. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow and I even enjoyed people watching at the airport, but I am glad to be back in Texas, if only I could have taken a little snow back with me!