Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just "Bearly" Made It!

So as you can tell from my lack of posting things have gotten pretty crazy! Two weekends ago my dear friends Linsday came to see me and we had a blast kayaking despite the crazy attacking geese and taking in the sights of Austin. That weekend was following by a busy week in class and work but ended nicely with a weekend in Lubbock. It was great to see all my friends and family and enjoy the cold weather for a change. Austin is still hitting the 80's so I welcomed the cool gray days that Lubbock had to offer. Although going home made me realize just how homesick I've been it was a great encouragement to see the people that care about me and their excitement for me as well.
Just before I left for Lubbock, my boss (at All in One Bake Shop) called me on friday afternoon with a great opportunity! A local group called Austin Cake Confectioners was flying in a Woman by the name of Loriane McKay from Scotland that is world famous for her edible sculptures and this group had a scholarship available for me to go to this work shope that would be the following friday!!! ( you can find videos of Mrs. McKay demos on youtube for those interested) Needless to say I was thrilled to take this opportunity! So after a great three day weekend in Lubbock and the completetion of Sweater Weather day (a mother -daughter holiday mom and I came up with when I was about 12)I headed back to a busy week in Austin. This week was particularlly busy because it was the end of my petit four block which meant a major project and final would be the upcoming friday (10/17) this also happened to be the day of the workshop that would last from 9am to 5pm and class starts at 5:30 and if you know anything about Austin getting from A to B in 30 minutes is almost impossible at this time so I was a bit nervous about how friday would play out.
The project I mentioned earlier was our biggest yet! We had to present a mock up petit four tray with descriptions of each item we had chosen to make for our final and why. On top of that we had to format this description paper as if we were writing to a client that was preparing for a banquet. This along with three days to prepare the 60 items (ten of each of the 6 items we had chosen) and a portfolio made this a very stressful week but I got through it with flying colors. I got an A on my project and Chef Emily said she really enjoyed the written portion of my paper, which is great coming from the chef responsible for the school newsletter club known as the Bleu Print. I also managed my time well enough to turn in my petit four tray 20 minutes before our time deadline and received an A on my tray as well!
I just realized that I have been telling you all about petit fours when some of you might not be familiar with the term. Allow me to explain: A petit four, which in French translates to little oven refers to pastry that is usually but not always sweet and is only one or two bites worth of food. There are many different kinds of petit fours including pecan diamonds which are a sweet pecan pie like treat and macaroons, an almond based cookie with a filling sandwiched in between two cookies. Needless to say they are delicious and beatiful to look at , but I think I have had my fill of them for a while!
Oh! I almost forgot to mention, I'm now writing an article for the school newsletter! I'm doing a review over a local restuarant called the Eastside cafe. Hopefully it will make the final cut and if it does you will be able to find the article at by the end of next week! So cross your fingers for me.
Of course, I couldn't mention my great opportunity and not tell you how it went with my workshop Friday so here it goes! I arrived to the workshop on time, and met some very sweet people including Loriane and her husband ate free food and went to my final at 4:30 because we got out early .. the end.

I have never really done sculpture work but I loved it! we did two projects that day a pair of wedding bears and single bear. The single bear was supposed to just be a bear holding a flower but I was having so much fun I ended up making a little chef bear! The instructor said I showed a lot of promise and couldn't believe I had never sculpted before and I told her I couldn't believe it either and if she needed an extern, I would work for free!

So this very busy week has come to pass and I passed with it in one piece thankfully. Monday we start laminated doughs which refers to breads like crossiants and puff pastry and I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks again to all that keep up with this blog, its was so encouraging seeing some of you this last weekend and your comments are always welcome and cherished. God bless!